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Automatic video teasers for your podcast

Spending hours editing video clips to promote your latest podcast episode?

Vivid automatically generates teaser videos of your podcast. No manual work required! Just publish your podcast normally, and we'll email you your videos automatically.

Three steps to get started

Step 1

Add your podcast feed URL

We'll monitor your podcast feed URL for new episodes and generate teasers.
Step 2

Pick a background

We have different background you may pick from or upload your own so your teasers are fully branded.
Step 3

Receive your teaser

Once ready your teasers are sent to you by email. You may edit the captions if needed and post the teaser to your social accounts.

Vivid tries to pick the best moment

The tool tries to extract the best moment from the episode. If you dislike what we're generating, you may specify your own time and get the segment you want.

Get started

We help you market your podcast

We're committed to creating a series of tools to help you grow your podcast.

Video teasers

Generate video teasers perfect for sharing on social networks to increase your listener base.

Episode transcript

(soon) Receive full episode transcript to post on your episode page, helping with SEO and reaching people via SEO.

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