Create podcast video clips

Vivid allows you to create sharable video clips of your podcast episodes. You may manually select segment yourself, but Vivid can also do it completely automatically for you.

Podcast video clips with audiogram

We've built an algorithm that tries to detect the best moments of your podcast episode, and we create video clips from those segments. Then, review and edit the text captions, and you're ready to share the video teaser on your social networks.

We're making it simple to generate video clips manually by selecting your segments. It should not take more than 2 minutes.

Our first video template includes your podcast image, the episode title, the text captions, and an audiogram matching the segment's sound. In addition, there are multiple background choices, and you may use your background image.

A Karaoke-styled video template.

Another video layout uses a Karaoke-style text highlight while it is being spoken. It's great to catch attention for people having their sound muted.

We're planning on having multiple different templates for this type of layout. You may customize the colors of a template to make it fit with your brand.

Karaoke-styled podcast video clip

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